Hooters Litigation Expands: Three Lawsuits Filed

We now have three class actions pending against Hooters franchises in California:

Hooters of America, Inc., the Atlanta, GA based operator and franchisor of over 450 Hooters franchises, is a defendant in two of the cases.  All three class actions attack the illegal practices of Hooters not paying for uniforms, not providing ten minute rest and thirty minute meal periods, not paying for promotions and required work off the clock and other violations of California wage and hour laws.

BAY AREA CASE – The Partridge case, filed on May 28, 2009, is against four Bay Area Hooters franchises, (Campbell, Dublin, Fremont and San Francisco), HOTT Wings, Inc. and various owners and managers.  We are proceeding to mediation on May 3 in hopes of settling the case.  You can still help by contacting us and filling out the survey.

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What’s next? – We will be serving discovery on the franchises and others seeking documents to support the claims and seeking other evidence.

See the Three Lawsuits :
Bay Area (Partridge)
Southern California (Estrada)
Central Valley (Galakhova)

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